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Minutes from Meeting – 13th October 2015

MINUTES OF TENBY HARBOUR USER’S ASSOCIATION MEETING WITH PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL, COUNTY HALL – 13 OCTOBER 2015 PEMBROKESHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL Ian Westley, Chief Executive Barry Cooke, Head of Property Phillip Williams, Property Review Manager County Councillor Michael Williams TENBY HARBOUR USER’S ASSOCIATION Angus Dunlop, Chair Blake Shaw, Vice Chair Paul Cowper, Legal Advisor Bev Summers,… Read more »

Status update February 3rd 2015

In March the Local Authority will further consider the options for the future management of Tenby Harbour. At that stage a decision will be made as to which options are realistic to warrant exploration. There will follow, we are told, a wide ranging consultation exercise and THUA will be consulted . As yet no options… Read more »

Time For Action on Tenby Harbour

Tenby Harbour Users Association

14 years have passed since the Government suggested better ways of managing harbours owned by local authorities. 8 years since it recommended in the Municipal Ports Review of 2006 that ports such as Tenby should change the way they are managed. Out would go management by the Local Authority. In would come a Harbour Board… Read more »

The Future Management of Tenby Harbour

Tenby Harbour Users Association

INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND 1.  Tenby Harbour is a municipal port owned and managed by the Local Authority, Pembrokeshire County Council. 2. The Council is the Harbour Authority. Decisions regarding the management and future of the harbour are made by the Council. 3. In 2000 and 2006 two major reviews took place into the management of… Read more »

Committee Meeting 24th July

There will be a committee meeting at the Harbour Master’s Office at 7.30pm on Thursday 24th July.