Status update February 3rd 2015

In March the Local Authority will further consider the options for the future management of Tenby Harbour. At that stage a decision will be made as to which options are realistic to warrant exploration.

There will follow, we are told, a wide ranging consultation exercise and THUA will be consulted .

As yet no options are being ruled out, which means that a disposal of the management of the harbour to private or other ownership is still possible.

It is therefore essential that the Local Authority is made fully aware of the strength of support for a Harbour Board.

Please continue to demonstrate your support by signing our online petition and adding your comments.

The Local Authority must be left in no doubt that we all want a harbour run by those who can best sensitively regenerate whilst retaining a way of life that exists today. Managed in an accountable, open and transparent manner by local people with the skills, knowledge, experience and connection to the harbour.

Only a Harbour Board can achieve this.

Don’t delay, please express your views and feelings now either on on facebook community site or e-mail us directly. The more support we are able to demonstrate the more weight we have to add to our case.

Thank you, THUA