Minutes from Meeting – Wednesday July 9th 2014


Minutes of Tenby Harbour Users Association

Committee meeting

Held in the Harbourmasters rooms Wednesday July 9th 2014 @ 18:30

Members present

Angus Dunlop (chairman)

Jenny Bradley (secretary)

Tony Spiller

Roger Myles

Charles Crockford

Alistair McKay

Mathew Harris

Tony Bradley



Nathan spiller


The Chairman opened the meeting thanking those present for attending at short notice.


He wanted to keep the committee fully briefed on what was happening with the proposal for a Harbour board and to submit a proposal for the creation of a THUA website/ online noticeboard and facebook page. The intention being to keep harbour users well informed and up to date; an online community where relevant and new information is posted swiftly and is readily available. All present agreed.


Secondly, the chairman proposed an associate membership (non voting) to be approved. Those who wished to register their support for the THUA proposal would be able to become associate members. It was felt that facebooks ‘click like’ function would be especially useful in providing those who wish to demonstrate their support for our proposal the opportunity to register for an ‘Associate’ (non-voting) membership. Details of how to register for full membership (£3.00, fee paying) would be included on both pages. All present agreed.


Alistair McKay commented that he would like it to include a statement that indicated it would be “run by the people of Tenby, for the benefit of the people of Tenby”.

The chairman also suggested, ‘Tenby Harbour is the single most important asset to the town of Tenby’ and that a statement to this effect should also be included.

All members present were in favour of these statements becoming core principals at the heart of the proposal and what THUA stand for.


Tony Spiller suggested that Tenby Harbour Users Association should organize a social event to raise awareness of the current situation in the Harbour and how it will affect the town residents, businesses and visitors. Tony Spiller further requested that future meetings were scheduled with more advance notice.


An update on information regarding visitor moorings was requested by Tony Spiller.


Alistair McKay asked about the small keep pot buoys. It had been noted that the large volume of pots were a safety issue, especially at night.


The Secretary, Jenny Bradley, gave Tony Spiller a list of 10 new member details along with £30 membership fees.


With no other business, the meeting closed at 19:15


Date for next meeting : Thursday 17th July @ 19:00 in Harbour Master Rooms.