Minutes from Meeting – 24th July 2014

Tenby Harbour Users Committee Meeting At Tenby Harbour Office

24/7/2014 at 1900 hrs


Angus Dunlop, Blake Shaw, Jenny Bradley, Tony Spiller, Alistair Mckay, Paul Cowper, Charles Crockford, Tony Bradley


Nathan Spiller. Chris Lawrence.

Minutes of last meeting distributed.

Paul Cowper updated the Committee on the proposal for PCC and Tenby Town Council and asked for any comments.

All members approved the document.

Distribution was discussed and the following were mentioned:

Bryn Parry-Jones

Barry Cooke

Simon Hart

Michael Williams

Mike Evans

Tenby Town Council

Michael Williams to be approached for a further recommended distribution list.

Blake Shaw mentioned the gaps in the Harbour Moorings.

A meeting to be arranged with the Harbour Master Re Harbour Issues.

As there was no other business the meeting closed at 7.50